About Us

Spinwell Global is a team of recruitment experts with experience spanning the globe.

With a breadth of skills, including a proper understanding of the business needs, environment and an in-depth knowledge of our niche market place, the team have been successfully providing recruitment solutions and matching applicants and companies for several decades.

Concentrating in specific sectors we are a company that realises that it is a benefit to our customers to be a specialist in a few areas rather than a generalist in many.


Spinwell Global is experienced in providing permanent, temporary and contract staffing solutions to organisations around the globe. Working in partnership with our clients we support your business vision and add value by working hard to understand your requirements and meeting them.

We approach the applicant market from a number of angles; job boards, databases, and print adverts as well engaging our extensive network of contacts throughout the industry. This means that we have the ability to recruit locally, nationally and internationally to fulfil your specific needs.

There is no software or programme that can replace human interaction when it comes to understanding our clients’ needs or screening a potential candidate. With this in mind, we make sure that talking is a large part of our day, how else do we make sure that we get the right applicant for the right position?


Spinwell Global is always looking for individuals who wish to succeed and have the passion and desire to be the best.

We realise that our greatest asset is our applicants so we take the time to listen and understand their requirements.

Everyone is unique and we employ that ethos every time we approach a company on a candidates behalf. Specific market & industry knowledge and a large network of contacts enable us to find suitable roles quickly.

We strive to provide personal service from application to mobilisation. As a result our largest source of candidates are referrals from previous candidates and clients.

Meet our Team

Neil Dawes

Regional Director Asia & Pacific

Pritesh Raikundalia

Regional Director MENA

Rupesh Raikundalia

Commercial & IT Director

Nigel Tucker

Regional Director Europe